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I will own that I got completely sucked into these, quite mesmerized, clicking that evil little Kindle store button–“YES! I want the next one!” Just magic! Well, magic PLUS $10. Anyway, eventually I was able to wean myself from this delightful but expensive instant gratification, and started ordering the 1 cent jobbies (with $4 shipping, but still, cheap).Here is a quick roundup of the books, which–I am glad to hear–are in line to be made into a BBC show. Looking forward to it!

A Share in Death

The first Duncan Kinkaid and Gemma Jones mystery. I ATE IT UP. Cathie had lent me one of the later ones, and I just HADDA start from the beginning. This is the one where Duncan goes for a holiday in a fancy B&B, and naturally someone is murdered. Things happen.

cd73c55b91189e5734b0c5f5bbc5b0c5All Shall be Well

Kinkaid and Jones #2. Duncan’s neighbor dies under suspicious (to Duncan at least) circumstances. Her cat, Sid,  is adopted by Duncan. Gemma and Duncan are drawn to each other.

Leave the Grave Green

Kinkaid and Jones #3. A young musical prodigy died years ago, and the story starts when his sister’s husband is found drowned in a lock. Duncan and Gemma are on the case. MORE drawn together, though Duncan is distracted by the lovely widow.

Mourn not Your Dead

Kinkaid and Jones #4. Nasty policeman found murdered, he had a history of raping his staff. K& G engage in hanky panky.

Dreaming of the Bones

Kinkaid and Jones #5. Duncan’s ex-wife asks for his help and is then MURDERED herself. Meanwhile her son’s father is not her current husband but–KINKAID! K& G engage in hanky panky.

Kissed a Sad Goodbye

Kinkaid and Jones #6. The body is found in the Docklands, lots of historical detail, corpse was in the tea importing business. K& G engage in hanky panky.

A Finer End

Kinkaid and Jones #6. This has a questionable fantasy element, in that someone is channeling a medieval monk, and mysteries ensue. Glastonbury! Also, murder.K& G engage in hanky panky.

And Justice There is None

Kinkaid and Jones #7. Portobello Market is the backdrop, with quotes about its history starting each chapter. Lovely young antiques dealer is murdered. Drug dealers are involved. K& G engage in hanky panky.

Now You May Weep

Kinkaid and Jones #8. Gemma is now Detective Inspector, NOT working with Kinkaid, a promotion! She goes off to Scotland to visit Hazel’s old BF (Hazel=friend of Gemma who cares for Gemma’s son Toby). But, the old whisky distillery business having problems. And then, murder. Gemma is pregnant.

southwarkIn a Dark House

Kinkaid and Jones #9. Set in Southwark, with much historical background. Fires are happening! There is a bad arsonist at work. And a crazy lady. And a lost child. K& G ever closer.

Water Like a Stone

Kinkaid and Jones #10. Our police duo are off to Cheshire, to visit Duncan’s parents for Christmas–together with the 2 boys, his and hers. But Kit, Duncan’s son, gets involved with bad teenager. Someone is murdered. Christmas is ruined!

Where Mewhitepastedoubleclipmories Lie

Kinkaid and Jones #11. A lovely Art Deco brooch is being auctioned, and it sets off a series of events, bringing terrible memories of the war. Old murders are solved in addition to the new murders.

Necessary As Blood

Kinkaid and Jones #12. The disappearance of a lovely artist and the subsequent murder of her husband leaves their adorable little daughter alone and at risk. After solving mystery (horrible child slavery gang) Gemma and Kinkaid will adopt her, and also get married finally. This pleases Gemma’s mom who is in the hospital with fatal disease.

Sound of Broken Glass

Kinkaid and Jones #13. Kinkaid now Mr. Mom, caring for adopted daughter while Gemma solves horrible murder: 2 guys found strangled, naked, trussed up. Story concerns Crystal Palace neighborhood, with festering childhood secrets. Melody, Gemma’s # 2 starts to get cozy with Duncan’s #2, but then falls for suspect in murder: handsome guitarist. Who didn’t do it however.

To Dwell in Darkness

I am patiently waiting for this one to arrive. I could of course just go to Amazon and buy the e-book. But no! I am resolute!


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