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Witches! Vampires! IN LOVE! Plus, daemons having babies!  I’ll admit I avidly read the book cover to cover, but there were moments when I thought, YIKES, a little shaming to be found reading such stuff.

Our heroine–gorgeous, fabulously learned, athletic, exceptionally talented –AND only the BEST WITCH in the world, by the way–happens to meet the MOST 1179456d9e94fa977880f09ead55291fFABULOUSLY HANDSOME tall dark stranger in the Bodleian Library in Oxford, where she is doing Important Research. He is–need I say it–a Vampire.

There is a magical document that she alone can summon from the depths of the Bodleian stacks. But lo–not only does the gorgeous vampire wish to possess this document, scores of other supernatural creatures do too–and they are of an extreme badness! But not the handsome one! He is of extreme goodness! So, the witch and the vampire fall in love–but they don’t have sex, just sessions of touchy feely business. Also, they go to magical yoga classes. Matthew (the fabulous vampire) can do a yoga pose balancing on HIS EAR!

Diana, our heroine, invites him to dinner, and works up a splendid menu (having consulted the Oxford zoology department about the dietary habits of gray wolves, which is apparently relevant to vampires): smoked salmon, venison with beets and shaved Parmesan, rabbit served VERY rare, with chestnut biscuits. Who knew vampires ate anythingbest_french_wine but bl**d, right? Apparently they are also connoisseurs of fine wine. Anyway, the relationship develops, and he takes her home to meet mom–who is
French, living in a chateau of course–astonishingly
beautiful and YOUNG looking. Vampires don’t age. The wicked agents of the dark forces try to harm the lovebirds, who flee to the USA, to a kindly farmhouse in upstate New York where Diana grew up. Haunted, it goes without saying. Plot devices happen, more touchy feely stuff, more wine and lovely menus, and then a fabulous time travel is promised us–in BOOK 2! So keep tuned, dear ones.

As I said, slightly infra dig, but undeniably fun. Not to mention, a movie is in the works!


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