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Cathie’s mention of Peter the Great put me in mind of the Lymond series, by Dorothy Dunnett–and I was amazed to hear that none of the ladies had read these grand books! Lymond–the astonishingly beautiful, intelligent, sensitive, learned, musical, agile and muscular hero of the book, who also speaks many languages and has an excellent understanding of mathematics– oh my! Just read what Wikipedia says. A total DREAMBOAT! AND, he travels all over the mid-16th century world, meeting actual historical figures and taking part in actual historical events. Really engrossing series of books. Upon doing a little research however, I find that the Tzar Lymond had to deal with was the dire Ivan the Terrible, not the enlightened Peter. The scenes in Russia were stunning–barbaric fortresses in snowy wildernesses. But, all the scenes were stunning. I read the series in my youth, and then returned to it upon finding it as a recorded book. The hours I spent, entranced, listening to this gorgeous story! I still remember the terrible let down, as I was walking up from the subway to Friendship Heights, and hearing those grim words, “The End”. Sigh.

The Guilty Pleasure books I mentioned to Rebecca are a series called the Parasol Protectorate, by Gail Carriger. These books, I blush to report, feature Werewolves and Vampires in Victorian London, with a generous serving of steam punk on the side. Our heroine, Alexia Terrabotti, in addition to her abiding interest in proper dress and behavior, has a passion for tea (Assam) and treacle tarts.  Shamefully, I have downloaded ALL of these silly books, and am now listening to the 5th one. Comic book stories, silly affected language (on purpose),  extravagant Victorian costumes and foods, and a certain amount of bodice ripping. What’s not to like, as they say.


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