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These Dark Things, by Jan Marete Weiss

These Dark ThingsI’ve been reading and talking about the usual detective/mystery/conundrum series, the reading of which is a distraction from concerns of all kinds, the sort of distraction which makes you forget your troubles, without getting you into trouble. Escapism without danger! The best kind when you’re a woman of a certain age. And, if you’re lucky, these works will also instruct you about something you knew little about before. How about….Naples! The Comorra! The city, its history and social strata and customs and dangers! Murder plus corruption, plus a woman police officer. Jan Merete Weiss has written two books in this series so far, the first is “These Dark Things”, which introduces Captain Natalia Monte, of Naples.

Available here. You’ll like them or hate them, that’s how it goes with these books.

Faces of the Gone, by Brad Parks

NewarkSeries two is written by Brad Parks, about a newspaper reporter in Newark, New Jersey. The author’s been a reporter himself (Washington Post, Newark Star Ledger), and his comments on newswriting today, and the financial concerns that influence reporting, seem an authentic accounting of a very sad story. Still, the hero persists in investigating crime and corruption and social abuse, whether or not supported “at home”, and there is a sweet compassion there when addressing social inequities that’s tender and perceptive. And–the man is funny, he’s also surrounded by characters I’m happy to read about. So, you can learn about Newspapers and Newark, subprime mortgages, pollution, corruption of all kinds in (so far) five books about Carter Ross, Reporter, beginning with “Faces of the Gone”. I liked them, not just because they’re set in New Jersey.


Talking to the Dead, by Harry Bingham

Talking to the DeadAnd finally there are the three books by Harry Bingham, about Fiona Griffiths, the first of which is “Talking to the Dead”. Now these books are weird, I’ll give you that. And in them you can even see where things are going. I think. Though you never know until a series is over. Anyway, the weird is in Fiona’s life and personality and psyche, and her voice telling you what’s really going on behind that person performing in her job and in her personal life. A smart, tough, and, well, very strange woman, only Lisbeth Salander of Dragon Tattoo fame comes to mind when looking for illustrative examples, and that’s not even what’s going on here. But, you know by now what I’m going to say–I was intrigued by this young woman police officer, and her loving Dad with a shady past, read the books to the end, and learned a lot about…Wales! Modern Wales. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13414567-talking-to-the-dead


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