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I read “A Year in Provence” by Peter Mayle, which is a real vicarious pleasure trip. especially when he describes the food. I kept wanting to eat cheeses and fresh baguette and be sitting outside being served unpretentious but mouth watering meals. enjoyable.

The other book I read, which seemed to take me a long time, in spite of being very readable, was “Ghost Train To the Eastern Star” by Paul Theroux. In it he goes back over most of the route he took and wrote about 30 years earlier in “The Great Railway Bazaar”.
He compares not only the changed and unchanged places he went, but how the man he was has changed into the older man he now is. woven into the journey are the many interesting characters he meets, the basic kindness he finds in individuals, especially those who are least likely, the different cultural characteristics from one country to the next, etc. I’d recommend it highly as an alternative to leaving one’s comfy sofa.


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