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The True Adventure of Two Americans Who Risked Everything to Solve One of the Last Mysteries of World War II

This summer I’ve read (or rather, listened to) Shadow Divers and just been fascinated. It’s about New Jersey Shore wreck dShadowDiversivers who discover a German sub in deep waters 60 miles off the coast of NJ that was never identified as having been sunk in those waters during WW2. Story is about their efforts to identify the sub and crew, solve a mystery with physical effort and archival research, and let the families of the crewmembers know the fate of their sons, fathers, relatives and friends. Jersey Shore, military, dogged research and effort for all the years it took to solve the mystery, human interest stories—right up my alley. True story, book came out in 2004, there was subsequently a NOVA show about it, and there’s supposed to be a movie one of these days.

Ever think How Did I Miss This Book??!!!!! That’s what one gets for dropping out from time to time, not catching up with the news or papers and just tossing them, throwing a magazine away without reading it, giving up on commercial AND public TV both for a day or days or weeks, or giving all attention to a book or child or pressing problem or interest. You get gaps. Big gaps in knowledge and information. Oh, well, I’ve found it now!



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