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As usual I was searching desperately for something to listen to on my commute–and, I considered Robin Hobb. A couple years ago I read and read her books, in a wild passion to find out what happened next. There are a LOT of them–maybe 15 or so.
YES, they are set in a fantasy world, and let me admit right up front–there are DRAGONS.
At this point the more sensible person says, WHOOPS, just remembered an appointment elsewhere, so long!
But for the less sensible, what an adventure lies before you! Ms. Hobb has built a good sound world, with towns and seaports and believable people.
Well, aside from their magical talents, that is.
And such a series of plots, intertwining and dividing, and filled with chills and thrills! Including an actual return from death. Whew!
I wrote about one of the scenes 2 years ago (here) and still remember how affected I was. Restraining my sobs on the subway! But before that grievous parting, such heroic trials, such joyful companionship!
I KNEW it was probably not wise to start with Book 1 of this fascinating series again, and toyed with other choices. But then pressed START–and there was the fierce grandfather pushing his 6-year old bastard grandson into the reluctant hands of the guard at the grim keep–let his father take care of him, I’ll none of him. Poor little child. His mother crying behind them, but the grandfather refuses to listen.
The father is a PRINCE of course….




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