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Sorry that Cathie was ill, and couldn’t make it!  We discussed our books–let me see, Rebecca mentioned Terrie Pratchett’s Going Postal, that excellent book (of which, btw, there is a movie) and Lois mentioned the Lemon Tree: An Arab, a Jew, and the Heart of the Middle East; a book which another book group–Lawyers of Montgomery County, was it?–are reading. Which reminds how nice it is to have a bookclub where we read whatever it is we feel like reading, and have a grand time once a month talking about it. With a glass of wine or two on the table by way of  encouragement. I talked about the latest Guy Gavriel Kay book I am listening to, called The Summer Tree, an engaging fantasy book–the familiar people-transported-from-our-world-to-another ploy.   Think grown up Narnia. I described one of the plot threads in the book,  about a man  involved in a terrible car accident which killed his beloved. In this other world, of Fionavar, he finally learns to forgive himself–or at least, to realize that it was not his fault — that he is human, and humans make mistakes. He was not to blame, he was not a murderer. An amazing moment of blessed peace–and, odd to find it in a fantasy book  abounding in Tolkienia and magic–and even, yes, a unicorn.

I borrowed a book from Lois, a collection of drawings and caricatures by William Auerbach-Levy –the style so familiar, from years of seeing his work in the New Yorker, perhaps.  Here are a couple examples:

Drawing of the Marx Brothers  Frank SinatraCharming drawings, no? Of course, most of them are of people that we don’t know, actors and actresses of the 40’s and 50’s.

Anyway, a pleasant meeting!


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