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I am reading my usual light hearted fare,  a book called “My Age Of Anxiety” by Scott Stossel. Its dense, personal, very research packed, and gripping. I both can identify with his life, and yet realize how much more overwhelming his anxiety is. Its giving me more insight into my mother and her demons, and well, half the people I love, myself included.

ben Franklin

Next, I read a Walter Isaacson biography of Ben Franklin, and the more I read the more I admired the man’s breadth and scope, with his only failing seeming to be a coolness to most of his family, compared to his affection for others, especially intelligent and attractive young ladies. In that he is more than a little creepy to me, but he seems to have had a huge impact on the founding of the USA.

Before that I read a non-fiction book about cadaver dogs and one woman and her trained dog, and how they got into that work, and what it consists of, how they train, the rigors of it, the amazing capacities dogs have for finding bones even hundreds of years old. I liked that mostly out of my dog training curiosity. I think I would have enjoyed having a search and rescue dog in my younger, fitter days, but am way past that now.


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