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I just finished listening to yet another work of historical fiction, Susanna Kearsley’s The Winter Sea, about the failed Jacobite rebellion of 1708 (charmingly read by Rosalyn Landor, whose Scottish and American accents are very convincing).  This book, not QUITE such a bodice ripper as those of Diana Gabaldon–well, bodices are ripped but not in such riotous detail and on so many occasions–is filled with fascinating details of absolutely terrible times. How the Jacobites persevere again and again, and fail again and again–whether due to malign fate, foreign plots, or simple ineptitude–does make for a gripping yarn. Part of the plot rests on our heroine’s having lost her parents to the Darien Disaster–the ghastly expedition to Darien, in Panama–a catastrophic failure which not only cost over 2000 lives but which bankrupted most of the Scottish nobles. Well known, I’m sure, in Scotland, but completely unknown to me.
The story is pleasing, the plot interesting–AND it manages to end happy by means of a truly ridiculous plot twist, which I appreciate.
And meanwhile,WHAT IS IT with these Scottish dreamboats, gracious me! This book has THREE of them–2 modern brothers (one more beautiful than the other), and the historical bloke, with all those muscles, those piercing eyes, and that gentle grace.

A bit of Haggis Crumpet

A bit of Haggis Crumpet

Then there is of course Gabaldon’s gorgeous Jamie, soon to be gracing the silver screen.
Quote: “I talk to you as I talk to my own soul,” he said, turning me to face him. He reached up and cupped my cheek, fingers light on my temple. “And Sassenach,” he whispered, “Your face is my heart.”

Still, I’ll admit I read two of the books. Lawrence and Seth read more. They are not ill written, there is often interesting historical detail, and, there is a LOT of sex in them.

But really, the king of these adorable Scotsmen is Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond–as I wrote previously–“Lymond, the astonishingly beautiful, intelligent, sensitive, learned, musical, agile and muscular hero, who also speaks many languages and has an excellent understanding of mathematics– oh my! See the rest here.
These  books are still the best in this kind, I think. And, here’s the thing–Lawrence read them  too, long before I met him. In fact, his name for his online gaming persona was Lymond. God, God, I miss him so.


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