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I was looking for something to read and grabbed a likely contender in an attractive but faded antique binding from the shelf–couldn’t make out the title or author, but what ho, I needed a book to read with lunch and so I set to it. NOT impressed–clumsy, overdone, and spiteful, I thought, and checked more carefully, to see who wrote it.
Dorothy Parker.

Well well.
So, I looked for something else, and chose Some Do Not, first of the Parade’s End books, by Ford Madox Ford, senior to Dorothy by about 20 years. Instantly at peace, instantly engaged by his luminous, beautiful prose. I read it, long ago, but it is time to revisit it, I think. Not to mention, there is the BBC version of it, which looks charming. I look forward to happy hours with these books.
But am still surprised at how hateful the Dorothy Parker stories were. And, how inept.


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